Pumpsim Release Notes


Pumpsim 3 in now released! Several Major new features are available.

NEW FEATURE: 3D containers: use dxf to create tanks

NEW FEATURE: Stages: simulate different step of the project in one file

NEW FEATURE: Contaminant: simulates spread of contaminant through the model

NEW FEATURE: Multi window: look at several position in the mine at once

NEW FEATURE: Schedule: add a list of event to the dynamic simulation

NEW FEATURE: Measure: Measure and graph data along a path

Bug Fix: Several bug fixed


Improvement: NEW create 3D surface from 2D lines. Tools > Create surface

Bug Fix: Several bug fixed


Improvement: NEW compressed air module

Improvement: NEW Dam option, including more complex shape to create sump or dam.

Improvement: NEW Dynamic simulation summary

Improvement: NEW Test for pump priming issues

Improvement: NEW Add leakage to pipes to see possible related issues.

Bug Fix: Several bug fixed


Improvement: Orifice plate can now be added to the system

Improvement: New graph for pipe optimization


Improvement: Alt key can now be used to draw verticaly.


Bug Fix: Several bug fixed

Improvement: NEW DYNAMIC SIMULATION  Available for advanced users. Allow the user to simulate the evolution of the model through time. The user can also setup Scenario to start and stop pumps and other devices. Graphics are also available to view after simulation data.

Improvement: Fitting can now have name for better identifiction.

Improvement: Simulation speed improved for large model.

Bug Fix: Several bug fixed

Bug Fix: Pump bug fixed

Improvement: Tank can now have a restricted inlet, a float valve. Simply set the inlet as "Control inflow". Only 2 pipes can be connected to this type of tank.

Bug Fix: Pump bug fixed

Improvement: Reseting of graphic scaling

Improvement: Pipe stress due to PRESSURE calculation and thrust forces on elbows.

Improvement: Water hammer calculation tool

Bug Fix: Pump out of curve simulation fixed. & Fix flow valve as an outlet fixed. & And others

Happy new year!

Bug Fix: Several bug fixed

Improvement: NEW Spray canbe placed in the middle of a Branch and have fix flow.

Improvement: NEW graphic scaling

Bug Fix: Several bug fixed

Bug Fix: Pump digitizer bug fixed

Improvement: NEW Spray can now be turned on and off

Bug Fix: Several bug fixed

Bug Fix: Slurry calculator fixed

Bug Fix: Datamine Import fixed

Improvement: NEW Simulation of Non Newtonian fluid (advanced only)

Bug Fix: Severeal bug fixed.

Bug Fix: Move and duplicate bug fixed

Improvement: Can now see other dxf through transparency

Improvement: NEW PUMP DIGITIZER. Import a pump curve and draw the curve. Easy and quick way to import a pump curve.

Improvement: Pump can now have several curves for different variation.

Bug Fix: STR file import fixed

Bug Fix: Fix pipe preset

Bug Fix: Fix pump preset adding.

Bug Fix: Fix scale for pipes and channel.

Bug Fix: Change name for shock loss for T junction

Bug Fix: Fix pump power fixed and reset selection fixed.

Improvement: Import a pdf file as a texture (click and drag the texture into pumpsim). Ideal for importing plan.

Bug Fix: Pump inherit fixed

Bug Fix: Pipe moving and dragging not working


Welcome to Pumpsim.