Case Study

NEWGRANGE - Modernising a Water Network Build 

Newgrange is a mining engineering consultancy firm with extensive experience in production, mine planning, technical and financial evaluations internationally.

An underground copper-gold mine in Australia, had a pressing need to enhance its framework of the clean, dirty and emergency mine water pumping streams. The existing framework consisted of a plethora of CAD drawings, individuals’ unique knowledge and numerous details omitted or unknown. This further complexified the problem of accurately simulating flows from 15 boreholes due to their interdependent relationships at pipe junctions and nodes. In conjunction, there was an additional upskilling requirement of the workforce in charge of managing these fluid distribution systems.

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  • Achieved a 100% synthesised and modernised intuitive 3D model
  • Potentially saved the end customer $100K's in pump replacement
  • Enhanced ability to risk assess, maximising production

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LEAD GEN - Case Study - Newgrange