Product Description

3D Visual Simulation Software for Engineers and Planners


Pumpsim DESIGN is a new 3D simulation software product developed by Howden Ventsim.

Pumpsim DESIGN provides you with the tools to accurately model, simulate and optimise your pump and pipe fluid reticulation systems for safe supply of gases, liquids, slurries and many other fluids.

Why Use Pumpsim?

Poor water reticulation design in a mining, construction or other industrial environment can often result in an unreliable water supply system which may result in insufficient water supply or pressure, pipe breakage, poor pump performance and productions delays.

Pumpsim DESIGN can solve these problems by ensuring that pumps and pipes are correctly sized and rated, and that the pipe and pump design is optimal for all required activities.

By ensuring your reticulation systems are correctly designed, you can be confident of the safe, continuous supply and removal of water at correct pressures and flows, eliminating costly downtime.

Pumpsim DESIGN 3D Technology

Pumpsim DESIGN has been designed to provide a detailed 3D visual simulation of pipe networks and pumping systems, driven by a fully interactive user interface.

Pumpsim DESIGN allows for full 3D modelling with smooth rotation, zoom and pan, as well as real-time animation of liquid/slurry flow through the model.

Easily construct detailed pipe network models

Full-scale models of planned or existing pipe networks can be easily created in Pumpsim DESIGN. Produce a fully-functional pump and pipe system with the following highly-customisable elements:

  • Pipes and Channels
  • Pumps
  • Tanks and Dams
  • Manual and Automatic Valves
  • Junctions
  • “Demand” devices (sprays, machinery, drills etc)
  • Drains
  • And much more

Import DXF/Autocad and many other formats

Accelerate the construction of your Pumpsim DESIGN model by importing existing model files as “centrelines”, which can then be converted to pipes for use in Pumpsim DESIGN.

Reference graphics can also be imported to provide perspective and relevance to Pumpsim DESIGN models. Overlay graphics such as terrain, buildings and tunnels over your models.

Model of a processing plant. Reference graphics can be added to enhance the visualisation of the model.

Automatically map and attach Pumpsim model elements to your imported reference graphics.

Import CAD/DXF files and convert centrelines to fully functional Pumpsim models.

Dynamic Simulation with Pumpsim DESIGN

The Dynamic Simulation feature of Pumpsim DESIGN allows for the simulation of pump/pipe model behaviour over a period of time. Scripted events can be created to control behaviour of pumps, tanks and valves within the network.

By running simulations in Pumpsim DESIGN, you can begin to identify and address issues with your pump and pipe networks.

Pumpsim DESIGN can simulate over 30 different data types, including:

  • Pipe/pump pressure and capability
  • Flow quantities and velocities
  • Tank and dam structure and capacities
  • Optional compressed air and compressible fluid options
  • Fluids with different viscosity and densities
  • Wall Friction effect
  • Hoop, Radial and Axial stresses
  • Costs and efficiency
  • And much more.

Use the new Dynamic Simulation feature to determine at what point in time issues and problems occur within your network. Graphs, pipe colour changes and alerts can help you identify when unusual network behaviour is expected to occur.

Pumpsim DESIGN has been designed for use across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Processing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Civil