Case Study

MMG - Rosebery Mine 

Rosebery Mine is a polymetallic underground mine (lead, copper, zinc and gold), on
the remote west coast of Tasmania, Australia, which has been operating since 1936.

The ground conditions in the level 44K pump station had become unstable, threatening the operation of the main pump station. Failure of the main pump station would cause flooding in working area which would lead to lengthy downtime. To continue operating, the pump station had to be completely refurbished, including ground support, costing millions of dollars.

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  • MMG Australia's Rosebery Mine utilised Pumpsim to identify unnecessary water reticulation systems.
  • Improve efficiencies through upgrades to system components flagged by Pumpsim.
  • $5 million in CAPEX and $200,000 in OPEX will be saved.


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LEAD GEN - Case Study - MMG Rosebery Mine